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As technology grows and changes more and more rapidly each year, computer expertise is most sought after, developing solutions to our technological problems.

Master of Computer Application program is designed just for this purpose and is meant for graduates from undergraduate Computer Application courses, to provide a more in-depth knowledge of the topics studied and new technologies which are dominating the market.

INMANTEC has consistently been one of the best MCA colleges in Delhi NCR as it is a business school that thinks beyond a mere university degree. Our MCA program is designed to further students’ understanding of the computing technologies shaping our world today and to prepare students for sustaining a life-long contribution to a technology-related career.

The program provides students with a theoretical and practical understanding of important areas in the computing field and serves as an integral platform for students to learn diverse “Open Source Technologies” like Moodle, Word Press, Latex, Ubuntu and Wikipedia.

The technological world has been changed and updated frequently and computer science and application program must always meet these criteria. That is why we maximise the benefit of our location for the students by organising knowledge sharing sessions, conferences, seminars, workshops and training sessions in collaboration with the corporate sector. Not only this, INMANTEC offers an exclusive apprenticeship opportunity to promising students to work on projects under a professor, a factor which sets us apart from other MCA colleges in Delhi.

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It is a 2 year full – time university program approved by AKTU. Our MBA program aspires to provide students with quantitative as well as qualitative knowledge to analyze business problems and create opportunities to address them. Our mission is to develop entrepreneurial and responsible global leaders and to advance business knowledge.

What sets us apart from others is our transformational program which not only focuses on the practical skills – the ‘know how’ (organizing, analyzing, handling conflicts, leading teams) but also attributes of character – the ‘know why’ (integrity, ethics, empathy, emotional intelligence).

Inspite of being bound by a predetermined curriculum, INMANTEC makes the best efforts to impart industry relevant knowledge and extra skills which make a student stand out among a crowd of applicants. MBA programat INMANTEC helps the students –

  • Increase their understanding of real world business complexities through case studies.
  • Cultivate analytical and problem solving skills.
  • Understand the socio – economic environment and its implications on business.
  • Improve decision making capabilities and problem solving skills.
  • Develop their communication skills along with leadership qualities.

The course on digital marketing will make the students ready for the new age tools of marketing and advertising. In a country of more than 1 billion people, approximately 35% people have access to Internet and the number is expected to grow by 50 million every year till 2020, digital marketing will be the first choice for any company that wants to reach its target customer.

The concept of adding multiple courses in MBA is an exceptionally good idea as it opens multiple career streams to students and enhances their employability. The focus of this program is on developing competence in understanding financial services domain.

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Integrated Academy of Management and Technology (Department of Pharmacy) is duly approved by Pharmacy Council of India & AICTE, New Delhi. The program aims to build elementary basic concepts of pharmaceutical science involving Pharmaceutics, Biochemistry and Clinical Pathology, Pharmacognosy, Human Anatomy & Physiology, Health Education, Community Pharmacy, etc. in students. Components of study within D. Pharmacy Syllabus include accurate and safe processing of prescriptions, compounding techniques, third party billing, inventory control, and adherence to relevant legislation, accurate and confidential record-keeping, and effectively verbal and written communication.

Why INMANTEC (Department of Pharmacy),

  • Students are prepared to work as members of an interdependent health-care team
  • Students are taught industry ethics including those involving patient-provider relationships, clinical research, and end-of-life care.

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Integrated School of LAW (ISL) established in the year 2002 with a vision to uplift excellence in the field of legal education and to accomplish the ever increasing demand of quality legal professionals for a growing legal world. 

At present ISL offers BA-LLB, five year integrated degree programme and LLB program, three year, in affiliation with CCS University and also approved by Bar Council of India. ISL strives to create a new model in the field of legal education by providing some additional features like Moot court, National museum, court visits and many more.

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With the advent of computers, the way business is conducted all over the world has changed. Transactions are faster, communication is quicker, clients are spread across continents and companies have the advantage of less paperwork. No wonder that software and IT professionals are much in demand.

BCA course is the first step towards entering the IT world. The three year undergraduate program aims to provide the students knowledge about various IT subjects. BCA from INMANTEC comes with the advantage of additional courses in soft skills, summer training with IT companies, analytical and technical test training, live projects and workshops. This ensures that each student develops holistically and is able to not only excel in their job but also build their own businesses.

Though BCA is a complete course in itself, it is always recommended that a post graduation is undertaken to add more value to one’s profile.

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Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a stepping stone for anyone who wants to pursue a career in management and business. A BBA degree also acts as the perfect platform for a high value post graduate courses like MBA, PGDM. A BBA degree makes the student acquire a strong foundation in business principles and strategies. The students get the knowledge that are required to be a successful professional in the corporate world.

BBA at INMANTEC is more superior to BBA from just any institute. It makes more value addition to a student’s career and knowledge. The course is not only limited to the university curriculum, it includes a number of Top Up courses in different semesters to enhance students’ analytical skills. The entrepreneurship development cell provides support and guidance to the budding entrepreneurs. The cell conducts live projects for the students to give them the confidence and first-hand knowledge from initiating a business to its successful run.

At the end of three year BBA students of Inmantec have the option to join the corporate world or pursue a post graduate degree in management. A number of students with the assistance of the Corporate Resource Department (CRD) start their professional career. A major portion of the students also go for PGDM and MBA from Inmantec itself. This is because of the fact that Inmantec maintains a high standard of education and also these students get good scholarship being an alumina of the college.

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Bachelor of Commerce or B.Com degree is becoming a popular choice among students now. This course aims at building competence in particular areas of business studies while providing the students with a wide range of managerial skills. 

The program imparts strong subject-matter expertise by focusing on the learning that includes the knowledge of basic theories, principles, methods and procedures of commerce and accounting. 

The curriculum of the B. Com. degree course is rigorous and progressive, and prepares its graduates for careers in commerce and accountancy as well as for other professional roles such as economic, business and security analysts.

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